Friday, 20 August 2010

In the All together

This morning I let everyone out and, against my better judgement, left the two pens connected.    My BJ (Better Jugement) told me that it would be better to have them free range separately for the morning, and then join together this afternoon.  That would give everyone time to eat their own pellets and settle down, before the excitement of being able to invade someone elses area.

I was tired (didn't get to bed til past 1, 3 hours later than normal);   It had taken ages to do the Allotment crowd this morning (explanation shortly), and it was already 11.00. 

So I didn't listen to BJ, I just opened up and then went in to make some coffee and something to eat.

Result?  The Big Girls (BGs) have been monopolising the Little Girls' (LGs) Cube run.  The LGs have spent most of the time in the fruit bed,  and have done a lot of dustbathing.

Not sure what else has gone on, haven't heard too much yet. 

(Although there was a bit of a squawrk just as I typed that).

And on the allotment?  I'll do a separate post in a moment.

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