Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Well, I swapped them over.

Despite my reservations.

It was on a bit of a whim, which isn't how I usually take chicken related decisions.

My patience ran out last night, with three Big Girls (BGs) occupying the Little Girls' (LGs) run.  So I shut them in there.  I then shut the LGs in the BG run.  And eventually got Milly into the LG run as well.

Of course, it mean I had to take out the huge flowerpot and nestbox blocker from the LG coop.   I had to go and get some Aubiose (by which I mean walk to the shed and fill up a trug), and put it in the nestbox.  I had to swap over all the feeders.  I found some dummy eggs and put them in the nestbox, to help the BGs in the morning.

The BGs took themselves to bed.  The LGs didn't.   Tilly had an explore of the CUbe, folowed by Custard, but neither of them stayed.  In the end we had to catch them all and put them in.

I checked on them later, and they were all on the roosting bars, no one had snuck into the nestbox.. Good girls.

So, do I leave them this way round for a while?  


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