Thursday, 26 August 2010

Yellow peril

Milly is going a bit yellow.

She's a Cream Legbar, and has been "off lay" for some time. She was a bit under the weather some time ago, like a softee was on its way, and then she perked up. But no eggs.

She was looking a bit bedraggled for the last couple of days, so today I decided to catch her and see if I could spot anything amiss.    She was very difficut to catch. She has always been a bit of a drama queen,   and this has got to the point where there is little - or no - pleasure in picking her up.  I managed to catch her today because she ran away, shrieking, up the ladder into the Cube.    I shut the door, opened the back, and picked her up.  She was not happy.

I gave her a quick look over, and saw that her vent area was a bit messy.  She was moulting a lot - I knew that anyway, from the volume of feathers in their run - and had some new feathers growing.   There was some white-ish stuff on the skin,  looked like urates.  I brought her in, gave her some cat food (for protein, and to take her mind off things), while I cleaned her with cotton wool and warm water.   

As I did so, I realised that her skin is very, very yellow.  It reminded me of the "Corn Fed Chicken" that I used to see in supermarkets.      Her legs are also very yellow,  Rhode-Isalnd-Red yellow, in fact.  

I was a little alarmed at this.  I don't remember her having particularly yellow legs. (Or particularly yellow skin, for that matter).

Do chickens get jaundice? 

I gave them quite a lot fo Garvo treats over two days a couple of days ago (maybe including yesterday, I can't remember).   I vaguely remember reading somewhere - on a Garvo related site I think - that they add something to their feed designed to enhance eggs,   and that they have had to introduce a special mix for white-legged birds so that their legs aren't affected.

How bizarre is that?!  I'll keep them off the Garvo completely and see what she looks like in a couple of days.

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