Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Butter my Bagel

I bought 6 litres of cream on Monday, planning to make butter yesterday. I didn't get round to it.

This morning, I regretted putting it off:  I only just had enough butter left to thinly butter my bagel.  I've become addicted to bagels, since I tried my Pumpkin & Maple spread on one.  I can't motivate myself to make bagels at the moment; they aren't difficult, so I don't really know why!

Anyway. I made the butter this morning. 6 Litres of cream resulted in 9 pounds of butter and a load of buttermilk.   That's a bit more butter than I should have got, so either I didn't get all the buttermilk out when I washed it,  or I didn't drain it properly and theres a bit of water emulsified in there.  I'll find out when we defrost the butter.

My new pressure cooker arrived yesterday.  Actually, I wanted to buy a 23 quart pressure canner from the US, but the cost (with duty&vat on price+shipping) is rather a lot, so I thought I'd try small scale pressure canning in a pressure cooker to see whether it works.

Did you know that most pressure cookers in this country aren't suitable to use for pressure cannning?  I contacted a whole load of manufacturers, and the only one who said their pressure cooker was suitable, was Kuhn Rikon.  That was quite fortunate, as it was their pressure cooker that had caught my eye.

I can't believe I'm writing about my new pressure cooker. I'm not sure which is worse.  Writing about it, or the fact that I am looking forward to trying it. 

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