Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cheeky Roobarb!

Roobarb (the Welsh Black fertile egg that was laid on the way home from collecting Ruby and Rose) is a funny little thing.  She has a very red face like her mum, but she has a coat of brown and black feathers (she was black originally). She also has green legs, which makes her look like she's either gone mouldy, or has lichen growing.

She's completely doolally, which I think is part of her Indian Game heritage.  During the day, she quite likes to roost on the Cube wheels.

Today I went out with some mealworms (a very rare treat in our house),  and I found her roosting on the gate between the two paddocks.  I have no idea whether she was on her way in to the Big Girls or on her way back.

There may be trouble ahead.

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