Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Pumpkin and Maple Spread

The pumpkin marmalade (from the other week) seems a me.  I'll save it for my friend K, as he doesn't like sweet things and it might suit him.  

So, for our next pumpkin, I decided to try Sandler Acton's "Pumpkin and Maple Spread".  I'm sure this is going to be too sweet, but as they also have a recipe for "Pumpkin Maple and Raspberry Tart" which uses some of this confection, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

First "problem". When they say "1.5kg orange pumpkin, peeled and diced", so they mean take 1.5kg of pumkin then peel and dice it? Or do they mean 1.5kg of prepared pumpkin?    For a pumpkin, it makes quite a difference.

I looked at the other items in the recipe. I scrutinised the pictures.  I decided to assume it was 1.5kg prepared pumkin,  as that was still only 2/3rds of one of them.

So, it's in the jam pan now, along with 600g (2 bottles) of Waitrose's Canadia Maple Syrup,  300g runny honey,  and a cinnamon stick.    I hope this works.  2 bottles of Canadian Maple Syrup makes for an expensive mistake.

I've only just put it on to start cooking, amd it's likely t be another 2 hours or so before it's ready to bottle.

In the meantime, the Girls have been gorging themselves on pumpkin middles.

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