Monday, 23 August 2010

Grrr! Chickens!!!!

I've just had my second soaking in two days.

I need to pop out.  DH isn't here, so I have to get the chickens shut away (even if we pop down the road to the shop, the chooks get shut in).  

Two Big Girls (BG) were occupying the Little Girls' Cube (LGC).  Four Little Girls (LGs) and 2 BGs were in the Big Girls Cube and Rub (BGCR) (4LGs at one end,  2BGs at the other) 

So, I thought the easiest thing would be to get the 2BGs from the BGCR into the LGC. 

Ha ha ha.

Yes, they went in.  Delilah stayed in. Milly ran out.

Meanwhile, all 3 LGs  ran out of the BGCR.

I then spent the next ten minutes in increasingly heavy rain trying to get the LGs into the BGCR; and Milly into the LGC,  without letting the others escape.  I managed to catch Tilly,  and I managed to herd Roobarb and much later Custard into the BGCR.    I couldn't do anything with Florence.

I went round, and round, and round, trying to corner her.  I tried reverse psychology, trying to keep her away.  She's read the book though, so it didn't work.  I gave up and tried Milly.

I could feel myself getting cross, so I came in and left them out in the rain.  A few minutes later, I went out with corn and tried again.

Florence went into the LGC by mistake, and came charging out when she realised.   I managed to get her in to the BGCR.

So it was just Milly.  Who just would not get to the end where the door is.  I can't go all the way round the LGC at the moment, as it backs into a shrub. Milly was getting frantic at not being able to get the corn that was inside the run. But she wouldn't come round.  I couldn't leave the door open, because the others would probably come out.

I found myself telling Milly that I was going out, and she could stay out for all I cared. And if a fox got her it was her own stupid fault.  (I didn't mean any of this,  I was just very, very wet  and very, very fed up).  I came in the house.

I went out again, the attraction of going out was waning rapidly by this time,  but I had managed to get 7 of them away and I didn't want it to be all in vain.   So we had another go.

Milly is such a cantankerous little madam. Honestly. I wouldn't mind, but she just whinges all the time, she's started picking on Delilah,  she makes a racket in the morning.... (did I mention that I was very very very wet?).

And then suddenly she made a dash for it.  I chose the reverse psychology option and tried to stop her going in,  and she went for it.

Hurrah!!!  Twenty five minutes after deciding to put them away,  they were put away.

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