Saturday, 1 March 2008

It's still a miracle

No eggs yesterday. Didn't have time to watch the hens very much, as our ginger cat went missing and we were out looking for him.

The usual palaver at bedtime, with Delilah being admitted to the coop second, and Lydia still running around hopelessly outside. We went out and did the torch through the eggport thing, and Lydia managed to get to bed.

Last nights wind storm was dreadful. I was worried about what the poor Girls must be thinking in their coop. Went out this morning with breakfast for them, and took a quick look in the Nest to see if I needed to poo pick. And there was an egg.

So, I'm in the garden, in my dressing gown, doing the egg dance. And then I'm egg dancing back to the house singing "I'm doing the Egg Dance, I'm doing the Egg dance!". Rushed through the kitchen, up the stairs, in to the bedroom, shouting, "An Egg, an egg, we've got an egg".

Poor DH was fast asleep. He managed to wake up and look admiringly at Delilah's beautiful, perfect, 60 gram egg. But he didn't do the egg dance.

Although every day millions of eggs are laid by millions of chickens, that first egg is still a miracle. I'd never thought much about how amazing eggs are. I mean, I know that technically they are an engineering marvel, and incredibly strong blah blah blah....

... but our first egg...

a real miracle!

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  1. I can so sense your excitement from your writing and it is infectious and has made me smile. Thank you.

    (I followed a link from the ~Omlet site to your blog, then liked your writing and got curious about the beginning... both of keeping chickens and your blog... and, as there is nothing on tv at the moment, have settled down, cats on lap, for an enjoyable read.

    And it is enjoyable - very.)