Thursday, 13 March 2008


Gosh, I can't believe how much this has unsettled me.

This morning I was getting dressed when Isabelle (cat 1), who was on the windowsill, suddenly got all hunched up. I looked out of the window and saw the tail of what I thought was a ginger cat, running along our back fence.

I did a double take; our ginger boy (Washburn), was sleeping on the bed. Then the "cat" did a right turn by the Coop and I could see it was a fox.

I was fixed to the spot. What should I do? Stand and see where it went? RUn down and scare it? I thought that seeing where it went might be a better prospect, as it was heading away from the Girls. But it disappeared. I charged downstairs but, by the time I had unlocked the kitchen door, it has gone.

It seems that the Foxwatch is working, as the fox definitely turned away from the Girls where the foxwatch is. Or is that a coincidence?

Obviously the Girls are fine. They are in their Run, we used foxproof wire etc. But I had been considering letting them free range. Clearly it's true that we can only do that when we are in the garden with them.

The only thing I am certain of, is that Mr Fox will be back.

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