Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Wheezing: updated

On Sunday night I thought I could Scarlett was wheezing a little bit.

On Monday afternoon, I heard it again. She's bright eyed, eating well, very chirpy; but I googled "wheezing chicken" and didn't like the answers. Stories of bright, happy chooks with a little wheezing, suddenly going down hill and dying. Posts and posts on various expert forums saying that respiratoiry problems in hens get serious (for the hen) very quickly.

So today I phoned to get an appointment at the Vet. And I would choose today, when we have the rehearsals for the State Visit and the roads all around the Vet (and into Windsor) are closed.

We think we've found a route where we can get relatively close and then walk the rest of the way. On the positive side, at least its only the rehearsal. I would imagine that carrying Scarlett in a box through the crowds during the Procession proper would result in a heart attack for her!

I'll update this post later, when I get back.

Hmm. Well, not sure the trip to the Vet was that helpful. Her breathing was a little fast, chickens are difficult to diagnose, no noise in her upper respiratory tract etc etc. Anyway, we ended up with some Baytril (an antibiotic) to dose all three chickens.

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