Saturday, 1 March 2008

More tears before bedtime

So. Each night it's been a palaver getting them to go to bed. Scarlett goes to bed herself, but much earlier than the other two. She then keeps sticking her head out and hectoring the others to come to bed. Then she won't let Delilah in for ages, they have a stand off. And then Lydia runs around getting stressed because she's on her own.

Last couple of nights we've left her for a bit, and then gone and shone the torch through the eggport so she can find her way in. Tonight, we decided she really had to learn to get on with it. We had a very stressful time watching her, as she was obviously a bit stressed. Quelled the urge to go out with the torch for a bit longer, and eventually she went up the ladder and to bed.

Let's hope it gets a bit quicker from now on. Either that or I'll have to go out somewhere so I'm not tempted to watch.

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