Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Catching and holding

Even more progress to report!

Friends (S&K) came over for afternoon tea, and to meet the Girls. I managed to catch and hold first Delilah, then Lydia, with no fuss. I didn't try and catch the ever nervous Scarlett. K was mildly interested to see the Girls, but that was all. After he'd met them, he decided they were more interesting (and prettier) than he had expected. Haven't converted him to wanting hens, but I think the Girls have converted him from disliking hens to being mildly interested in them.

Later on, about 5.00, I went out with a small amount of leftover Tuna in their Treats bowl. The price for having access to the tuna was being picked up and held. Each girl, including Scarlett, was caught and held three times! They loved the Tuna and were queuing up for more!

I'm definitely finding it easier to catch them now, I don't feel at all nervous, and I don't end up chasing them round and round the Run.

The weather forecast for the next few days isn't very good, so I can't let them out of the Run just yet, although I do feel ready to give them some outdoor time. I'll do some more work (work?) on catching and holding them in preparation.

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