Sunday, 16 March 2008

Fresh grass

Decided to give the girls access to some fresh grass; just a couple of square feet, right outside the Run. We're not ready to let them free range yet: the weather needs to be better and the chooks need to be a bit tamer first, as there is a fox around and I need to be sure I can get them to safety in an emergency.

This meant I had to unpack the Omlet netting and then cut some off. I don't want to end up with lots of small pieces so, after discussions with DH, I cut 7m (which is about 5m too much for this particular job). We then had to work out how to make it all secure around the Run door. Good job we started this the night before we wanted to use it! Still, it's done now.

I used the door at the other end of the Run, so the Girls wouldn't assume they could leap out every time I came in the normal entrance. Having distracted them so we could get the door open and secure the fencing, we stood back to watch them rush with delight to freedom.

They didn't. In fact, they ignored the open door completely.

So, I picked up Delilah and physically put her in the new space. Within seconds she was joined by the other two, and they had an hour's access while DH was in the greenhouse and was able to supervise.

The Cats could hardly contain their excitement, but they made no attempt to get over the fencing. I'm sure that, in Cat to Hen combat, the Hen will win... but I think she needs space to spread her wings, take a run and stand upright in that aggressive way they sometimes have.

We will make sure we are very close and have a hosepipe handy for the first few proper free ranging sessions. I know the Hen will win in a one-on-one match, but my Cats hunt as a pair.... and they are very good at it.

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