Monday, 10 March 2008


Whenever the girls hear the backdoor being unlocked they all race to the front of their Run and watch to see if it means Treats. If I go into the Run, they are all over me looking for treats. And when I ring the Bell, they know that it really IS treat time.

Everyday I come out of the run laughing at their antics. Yesterday, Delilah (Bluebelle) was being her usually greedy self, and while she was busy digging in the treat pot looking for the cunningly hidden sweetcorn kernels, I threw an apple core down for Scarlett and Lydia. Lydia grabbed it and ran off with it. She put it down to start pecking at it, and Scarlett rushed up and stole it. She ran off with it, chased by an irate Lydia. The trouble was that they couldn't hold on to it and eat it, and this to-ing and froi-ng went on for some time.

i've also been filling the holey dog ball, the one suspended from a high perch, with vegetables. When I look out of my kitchen window I can see it spinning furiously as the girls take it in turn to peck it. It reminds me of that Swingball game.

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