Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A bit corny

So, for today's afternoon treat I tried tinned sweetcorn kernels.

This was sooooooo funny. The Girls went bananas for it. Scarlett wasn't getting a look in. She'd bend down and look at her kernel and then, before she had time to eat it, one of the others (usually Lydia) appeared from nowhere and stole it.

I tried lobbing kernels to the other end of the run so that Lydia and Delilah ran after them, to give Scarlett enough time to eat hers. But the girls were so quick. They dashed over to the far end of the run (and that in itself is a sight to bring a smile), gobbled the corn, dashed back, and STILL managed to steal it from poor old Scarlett. On one occasion, Lydia stole a kernel from Scarlett's beak!

I wish I could describe the way they run after something. It's a bit like....like... I know: imagine a large boned woman with a big bosom. Now imagine her trying to race another, similarly statured woman, for something withough looking like she's racing. SO she's standing upright, with her bosom stuck out, and running. Sorry, I can't describe it anymore, the tears are running down my face.

It's so tempting to keep chucking the corn down to get them to do it again, but they must only have small amounts otherwise their crops will get full and impacted.

But I might try again later.

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