Thursday, 27 March 2008


Surely not.

I had some sorry looking cherry toms lurking in my salad box; I cut them in half, and stuffed them in Monday's Swingball along with the usual spinach, white cabbage, mushrooms etc. Having hung it up in their Run, I suddenly wondered whether tomatoes might be a Bad Thing To Give To Hens.

I asked the question on the Omlet forum, and was reassured to hear stories of hens fighting over tomatoes, tomato plants being stripped, whole tomatoes being provided as football food...

So, on Tuesday I added extra tomatoes. And the Girls get into a beak frenzy over them! Today's Swingball had yet more tomatoes, and I was able to watch the Girls flicking the Swingball round until their beady eyes spotted the tomato, then the beak was in rooking it out, and then the lucky chook would make a run for a corner, trying to guzzle the morsel before one of her friends stole it from under her.

This scene was repeated many times. I suspect it is only because tomatoes are something of a novelty for them. I have enough for another few days, then I'll give them a break.

I wouldn't want them to get bored!

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