Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Squash, part 2

Well, they didn't try the Squash.

So, when I went in to give them their afternoon treats, I took it down and wedged it into the shrub. Some time later, I looked out of the kitchen window and was rewarded by seeing them all standing in a line greedily devouring the orangey goodness.

Later still, I looked again to see that it had gone, and the girls were wandering around forlornly. I can see, from my vantage point in the kitchen, that it has fallen out of the shrub and landed face down in the Run. Obviously they can't turn it over, so I'll go out later and do it for them. If I cut that half lengthways in half again then it won't matter how it falls there will always be one edge that they can get to.

UPDATE 6.30pm
I went out and cut the squash after writing my Blog earlier.
I've just been out to tuck them up for the night and to bring their feed in... and pcked up the limp, empty, squash skins. Amazing job they did on them, especially ast the only took they had was beak shaped!

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