Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bedroom antics

So, Lydia refused to go to bed.

She went up the ramp a couple of times. She got her front in the door at least once. Every time, she came back down and stood by the Run door staring into our kitchen.

Then, she was in. I slipped out to shut the pop hole, but she heard me coming and came rushing down the ramp to greet me. I went back into the house.

A while later, we had a repeat occurrence. This time I went into the Run, picked her up and then I posted her through the nest box. This wasn't a very nice thing to do really. I collected the feeders and took them back to the house and then, feeling guilty about posting her, I went straight back to the nest box to check whether she was OK.

I had to laugh. Lydia was already on the perch and dozing, and so wasn't at all bothered by being posted in through the nest box. Scarlett and Delilah, however, hadn't worked out what the Perch was for (or they preferred not to roost that way) and were sitting beak to tail.

This morning after they all came out I had a quick inspect of the poo trays to see if I could work out how they had spent the night. Looks like they slept where I last saw them.

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