Thursday, 28 February 2008

False Alarm

After lunch today Delilah marched up the ladder and into the nesting box. There was much excitement at the sound of her scratching around. Lydia and Scarlett sat at the bottom of the laddr looking up; Isabelle (the cat) tried to jump on top of the cube but was stopped in time by me.

I waited for a while but she was still busy, so I went back into the house and watched from the kitchen window. DH came downstairs and joined me. After about three hours (about 5 minutes really), Delilah emerged, stepped down the ladder, and went about her business.

We rushed out and opened the egg port.... nothing. Well, just the china egg that is in there so they Know What The Nest Box Is For.

I understand it is quite common for this to happen a few times before they start laying.

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