Saturday, 15 March 2008


The chooks have been less work and effort than I had expected.

This is how the routine has panned out so far:

Daily (2 mins)
  • put feed containers in run
  • Open pop hole to let chickens out
  • Check for eggs
  • shut pop hole
  • bring feed containers in and top up ready for the next day
  • Check for eggs
Three times a week (5 mins)
  • Brush roosting bars, and then empty poop trays into compost
  • Fresh newspaper and Aubiose in poo trays, top up Aubiose in nesting box
  • Dust bars and corners with Diatom powder (to prevent Red Mites)
  • Top up water if necessary
Once a week (10 mins - or more if I stop to play with the chooks as part of it)
  • Rake Aubiose from Run floor into the centre of the run, picking out dead vegetation and any obvious poos (if any)
  • Sprinke Stalosan (disinfectant) powder on Run floor
  • Rake back down the Aubiose
  • Dust perches with Diatom
  • Check over dustbath, top up if necessary, mix in some Stalosan and Diatom
  • Empty water container, rinse out, put fresh water and cider apple vinegar in
Once a month (don't know how long yet)
  • Detatch Cube from run
  • Rake area underneath, put down Stalosan
  • Wash inside of Cube with hose
  • Dry with old towel
  • Wash roosting bars, and put in shed to dry; replace with second set of roosting bars
  • Dust Cube iwth Stalosan and Diatom
  • Puff birds with Red MIte powder
Of course, I also spend about 15 mins a day in the run giving thew chooks treats and getting them used to being handled.

And I pop out and hang up something for them to peck at, plus put out a stuffed swingball.

And, if I see Delilah emerge from the nest box, I run down and see if she's laid; warm eggs are just wonderful!

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