Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wholefood experiment

So. My order from the fantastic arrived.

Fortunately DH was out, so I could unpack and experiment without an audience.

I opened all the bags, and then put a teeny tiny pile of each, in a row, on the floor.  Tilda walked through the row, but she did stop to try the cracked wheat.

I tried them myself. Not from the floor.   The packet of Seven Seed Mix for Bread was really lovely. Even better tha the Five Seed Mixthat we get from Shipton Mill.   I spooned out some yoghurt for myself, Tilda, and Washburn,  and I sprinkled 7SM on mine.  Really lovely.

I knew I'd never be able to tell the items apart without the bags, so I thought I'd take some pictures.

I made up a plate for Tilda, and photographed that first:
Starting at the top and working clockwise:  groats, cracked wheat, toasted buckwheat, Millet, Flaked Millet,
I gave her the plate and she ate the flaked millet.

I then got interested in trying to capture all the grains, so I swapped lenses on the camera, and here are the results:


FLaked Millet

Toasted Buckweat

Cracked Wheat

7 Seed Blend for Bread
 The pics are interesting, but not sure that they would really help me recognise any of them. So I took another couple of photos for reference.
Ingredients list for the 7 seed blend

The 5 grains previously mentioned, plus some of yesterday's pot barley (top row, second from left)
I had anticipated that Tilda would reject some (most) of the offerings.  I ordered two interesting looking wholefood cookbooks, so I will be seeing what I can do myself with the stuff I've bought.   I think my brother might have a dry container for the Vitamix, so I might borrow that to make some flours.

I'll let you know how I get on....

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