Saturday, 10 May 2014

How was it for you?


I went to bed at 10, leaving DH watching a film.

I felt a bit like I was lying on a drum.  I think it was the difference between the sagginess of the old mattress, and the tightness of the new. 

I was asleep a few minutes after getting into bed.  I know, because DH came up to see how the bed was, found me asleep, and woke me up. Unintentionally.

I woke up just after midnight, and just after 2am. On neither occasion was DH in bed.  I knew that he had fallen aslweep downstairs in front of the TV. I knew I should get up and wake him.  But I just couldn't make myself get out of bed.

I woke after 3ish, hearing the cat making a noise on the landing.  I lay there, straining to hear if she was having a fit. DH was in bed, I hadn't woken up when he got in.    I got up in the end, and found her on the stairs, rigid.  Not through a fit though. Rigid, watching Washburn try to retrieve a mouse he'd lost in the hall.

Because the mouse was obviously very much alive, I tramped downstairs, and attempted to catch it. I failed, and it ran under the stairs, followed by Wash. I waited for Wash to flush it out.  I missed it, and it ran into the kitchen.

DH appeared. I explained what had happened, as I watched the mouse disappear into the living room and hide under the sofa.  I couldn't retrieve it.   To my shame, I left it to its fate and went back to bed.  I'm going to pay for that at some point. 

Around 4am, I woke because it was raining heavily.

At 4.30, Isabelle jumped onto the bed and nuzzled for a stroke.  She was a bit damp. Rain. Or maybe not.

I turned the light on and checked her.  It didn't look like urine.  She wasn't demanding food (and she's always ravenous after a fit).  I got up anyway and traipsed round the house to see if I could see any evidence of a fit. Nothing.

At 7am, the radio woke me.

At 8am DH bought me a cup of tea.

Yes, the bed was much more comfortable. 

Hopefully tonight will be less eventful.

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