Thursday, 8 May 2014

And again.

And another Izzy fit this morning.

Something woke me at 6.30.  I rushed out of bed and downstairs, just in time to catch the end of an Izzy fit.  Although the convulsions had just about stopped by the time I got there, Izzy was slightly paralysed and was still obviously in the throes of a fit.   It took several minutes for her to come round properly.

DH cleaned her up, and I fed her. I then cleaned the floor.  As usual, she was ravenous.  She ate a whole pack of food, plus some dried food, plus some more packet food after a short break.

She then washed herself, and looked completely unconcerned about anything. 

The camera in the kitchen caught the fit.   It only recorded 15 seconds (the limit on this camera), and we were lucky enough to see the start of the fit and how violent it was.   The next bit captured was triggered by my appearance, so we can see the end of the fit as well.

We have a Vet appointment this afternoon anyway, so they can do another blood test.   I guess the dose will have to increase,  or maybe there is an alternative treatment we can try.

Izzy, meanwhile, is having a nap on the sheepskin rug.

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