Monday, 26 May 2014


Tilda has been out every day recently,  chooisng to come in when it's quite late.

She's also been relatively perky.  When we come downstairs in the morning, we can see that Tilda has been having a good nosey round the kitchen (hint, she leaves a bit of a trail).  She has her own toilet roll and bottle of Dettol spray, so these are quickly and easily dealt with.  I wish I had shares in Dettol. I go through bottles of the handwash!

With the lighter mornings, she's started off by moving around "her" area of the kitchen.  We can see when she has been looking out of the door to watch the Others.

Lately, we've been finding her all (and/or evidence of her) in the main part of the kitchen.   This morning DH found her facing into the hallway, on the threshhold between the hall and the kitchen.    He went into the living room to have a go on the cross trainer, and Tilda followed him, again stopping at the threshold between the two rooms.

When I came down she was back over her side of the kitchen. I made coffee, I went to do my emails.  I felt I was being watched and, when I looked round, she was sitting in the doorway behind me.

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