Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ladies who Lunch

I much prefer having lunch out than having dinner out.  Not that I do either very much at the moment.

Having said that, I do have dinner about once a month with my best friend.  She's younger than me and still works full time, so having lunch together is an especial treat.    Last week was one of those treats.

We were lunching  in our local town. I had a couple of errands to run afterwards, and I knew Y wouldn't mind .  Nothing much, just collecting a John Lewis order from my local Waitrose, and trying  Boots foundation/skin matching service. I didn't wear any make up at all, which isn't unusual in itself, but I do try and put some on to go out to dinner (Y always looks immaculate).

Good food, two bottles of wine...   Much later, we wandered in to Boots. I realised that we should probably have done this before  lunch.  I didn't feek any the worse for wear, but I suspect that people who've had a bit to drink rarely do.      On the plus side, I felt much less awkward than I would have done if I had been completely sober.

The assistant was very good and it was very helpful to have Y there to look at my face and tell me what she thought.   The colour the assistant (and her camera matching device) seemed perfect,  the difficulty was the choice of what type of foundation I was looking for. 

Rather lamely, I explained what I normally used (fortunately, it was  a good brand, so I didn't need to feel embarrassed.  We discussed coverage, lines, rosacea.  I talked about needing to use concealer (for the rosacea), she suggested green stuff.  In my youth, when my skin was toght and fresh and my face was thinner,  I didn't need makeup. I did wear it if I was going out, because the merest sniff of alcohol would turn my face heart-attack red. I had to wear green makeup to calm the red, and then thickish foundation to cover the green tinge.   I wasn't sure I could go through all that at my age,

Still, I was relaxed and wasn't feeling self conscious, so I let her give it a go. We started off with one side made up, and one side not. The result was quite good, and it hadn't required a thick plastering.        Then the not-side had the same colour in a different finish.  We all agreed we liked that better.    There was a third option.

This required removing the first option (should I mention that my skin is hypersensitive? No, it'll be alright) before applying the third.  We waited briefly for the redness togo down.  And it went down even more when the green was applied again.

The second side won, which was quite pleasant as the third side was something for when skin needs even more care.  I have no idea what I bought, I'll dfind out next time I get dressed up.

I also bought some of their Protect and Perfect serum, which has been heavily advertised. I'm usually sceptical about any skin care product, but I had quite liked the advert. Iwasn't quite sure how I was going to fit this in with my Rosacea cream, but I would think of something.

Finally, we moved on to the L'Oreal counter, because I wanted to look at some gel eye liner thing. There were 3 (who knew?!) and no testers. No buy then.

I haven't been shopping for makeup with a friend since I was 15. 

I tried the Perfect and Protect that night.  It really did feel lovely.  How sad am I?

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