Tuesday, 13 May 2014

More money than sense?

Matilda continues living, apparently happily, as a house chook.   She's over 4 years old now, and has spent 14 of the last 18 months living in the house (she took a long holiday to Chickensville back in the summer).

Her diet lately has mainly comprised various expensive bird treats from a company called Natures Grub.  She's had their scratch mix, their fruit garden blend, their herb garden blend, their insect mix...   She doesn't eat it all, she picks bits out.

I'm running low and will have to place another order.  I decided to try and work out what it was she was actually eating,  as I thought I'd buy those specific things from a wholefood company.

  I saw there were two things that she seemed to be eating, but it was surprisingly difficult to match the grains in the pot, the label, and online pictures. There were some things I could see that she was rejecting, and so could cross off from the list of ingredients.  Some of them - well, they really do all look alike when I don't know what I'm doing.

My first attempt resulted in the arrival of a 1kg bag of Brown Linseed, and a 1kg bag of Pot Barley. (I meant to buy ordinary linseed, but made a mistake)   Pot Barley was quite difficult to get hold of, and that's how I ended up at a wholefoods place.   The service from the company was excellent.

I opened the two bags, and put  a tiny but of each on the floor near Tilda.  She turned her beak up at the barley. She nibbled some linseed.   I put some more linseed down, and she walked off.

I compared the grains/seeds (sorry, don't know what the correct term is) to the stuff that Tilda rejects from her various pots.   Yes, I could see barley was in the reject pile, I wasn't sure about the linseed.

I went through the list again.  Were running low on Tilda stocks, and I'll need to place an order tomorrow or Thursday to make sure I get some before we run out.

So, I decided to order another load of stuff from the wholefoods place.  One of the things they sell is a seven seed mix for bread, and that includes at least 3 of the things I was going to buy.  I bought the seed mix instead of the individual items,  as I can see what she eats from it... and if she doesn't like it, we can use it in bread anyway.     The rest - well, I ordered small bags.

It'll arrive tomorrow, and if I can't get a blend which Tilda likes, I'll go ahead and order some more of the other stuff.    On the other hand, if it works, well, it'll be cheaper and less wasteful.

I can see I'll be googling for recipes shortly.

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