Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Izzy, yet again.

Poor Iz.

She has a bit of a sore eye.  We had planned to take her to the Vet today to get it checked out.

Then Izzy woke us up this morning by tumbling down the stairs whilst having an epileptic fit.  It's a good opportuity to let the Vet know that she's still having seizures, in case the dosgae needs changing.

Turns out she's scratched her eye, so Uncle Timmy has given her an antibiotic jab, and an anti-inflammatory jab.   See what it's like in 48 hours and bring her back if it isn't getting better.

We mentioned today's fit, and the other two fits since we last saw him mid April.    She's now booked in for a blood test in a couple of days - couldn't do it today, as it was too soon after her tablet.

Later, DH got the Vax out and washed the stair carpet.  

The Vax has paid for itself now.

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