Saturday, 10 May 2014

Angry Ladies

Florence (Australorp) and Poppy (Australorp x Indian Game) have been "on the turn" for some days now.  They have still been laying, but have otherwise been exhibiting broody symptoms.

Today they were stomping around outside, grunting in the way only a broody Hen can.  Fullblown, nestbox hogging, broodiness was imminent.  The weather has been horrible, so I left them to it.

This evening, they hogged the nest box and refused to let Lotti (Exch Leghorn, and botto of the pecking order) in.  And if Lotti can't get in the nest box, she can't stay in the Cube. The others rarely let her sit on the roosting bars with them.  I have provided alternative sleeping accomodation for Lotti, but she didn't want to use it today.   There was quite a racket at bedtime, as Lotti was shouting at the top of her voice.

I had foreseen this eventuality, and the noise meant I couldn't put it off any longer. So I went out in the rain and put my plan into action. The plan was simple.

The other Cube, the one which is used for the chicks and lives the rest of the time next to the main cube, was brought into action.

The two very angry ladies were removed frin the nesting box of the Home Cube to the Other Cube.  No material in the nestbox and no partition separating the nestbox from the roosting bars.  Hopefully the air flow will cool them down.

I moved a feeder and a waterer into the run,  and they both came stomping down the ladder to express their rage. Express it they did.

The kerfuffle disturbed Custard and Roobarb, who had gone to bed next door. They came out to see what was going on.  While they were out, Lotti popped in....but finding no one else in bed, she came out too.

I dug up a couple of DH's lettuces, one for each set of hens.

Poppy and Florence were grumbling non stop as they tucked in to theirs.

I had to split up the other lettuce to make sure that everyone got some.

Of course Lotti is now lost without Poppy.  Maybe I should have put her in with Florence and Poppy?

Sometimes a run-cam is not a good thing to have.

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