Thursday, 22 May 2014

Possibly TMI?

This might be too much information, so proceed with caution.

Some months ago I pigged out on a lot of special cheese.  So much so, that I put on a few pounds, which I haven't been able to shift.  Then I got  abit dehydrated with using the cross trainer and not drinking enough fluid... anyway,  my tummy started to swell a little.

The swelling got worse, and I had to dig out some old (larger) trousers to stop me looking like a muffin. 

I went for a colonic.  I had been meaning to go for nearly a month by the time I finally went, and my tummy had continued to swell a little. I wasn't putting  on weight, just girth.

The lady who did my colonic for me was very pleasant.   It turned out I had a lot of gas.  I mean, a lot.   The colonic did shift a lot of stuff, but it was mostly gas.  I've never had that before. I was rather embarrassed. I bet it was those damed wholegrains. 

My tummy felt a bit better afterwards, but still not right.   I've booked in for a second colonic ten days later..

In the meantime, I've been trying all sorts of remdeis to get rid of trapped wind.

I've tried massaging.  
I've tried Windeze tablets.  
I've been taking probiotic tablets.
I've stopped drinking fizzy water.
I've tried swallowing air to make myself burp.
I've tried peppermint and fennel tea. (Fennel being renowned for helping with this sort of thing).

The tea helped a tiny bit, but not a lot.    I've carried on with all the above.

I looked online for additional rememdies. As a result, my list of attempted remedies now also includes:

  • Eating raw fennel seeds. I don't like aniseed, so that wasn't exactly a great pleasure. I'm not sure I'll be repeating that. 
  • Drinking ginger bear.  The ginger beer did make me burp a lot, but I think I'm only expelling the gas from the ginger beer rather than the trapped wind.
I have one further internet suggestion to try later.  Brandy, port and hot water.   I need to try that when I come back from voting.

And today I received a competition prize of 4 boxes of Tick Tock Tea (Thank you Omlet!).  One of the boxes is Fennel, Licorice and Lemon Grass, so I'll give that a try later.  

It can't be worse than the peppermint and Fennel.

Can it?

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