Friday, 9 May 2014

New Mattress

At my last Chiro appointment, Tanya mentioned that I had a lot of misalignment.  I mentioned that I had noticed that our mattress (memory foam, now over 8 years old) was sagging - maybe that was contributing?  Coincidentally, DH said that he'd been having trouble sleeping, so I raised the idea of buying a new mattress.

We did.

We didn't want the same one that we had, and we didn't really want a pocket sprung mattress either. Been there too,  great until the buttons start to go.

So, on Tuesday we went back to the Back specialist shop, and tried out their range.  We were there for some time, as we wanted to spend enough time on each mattress to get a proper feel of it.  The assistant took pics of my spine alignment so he could advise on which mattress was best for my poor back.

By the time we'd tried them all once,  and tried three of them at least twice more,  DH and I had an idea of what our preference was.   We asked the assistant what the spine analysis showed.   Rather surprisingly,  his appraisal of suitability matched our preference.

So, we ordered our preferred choice.  It's some gel thing, which I am hoping will have the additonal bemefit of helping keep me cool when the menopause strikes (which will be in the lifetime of this mattress)

That night the current mattress seemed even more uncomfortable.  or so we both independently imagined.

The delivery firm phoned on Wedensday to arrange delivery for today (Friday).  Wednesday was uncomfortable. Thursday arrived , and I was thinking "only one more (lack of) sleep".

The new mattress arrived today, and it's on the bed now.

Apparently it can take some weeks to wear in, so we might not be getting the immediate relief we were hoping for.

It's also actually two single mattresses in a superking cover, which I really wasn't expecting.  Apparently that's standard for this type of mattress, if it's over 5 foot wide.   Hmm.  Hope that's not going to be a problem.

We'll see.


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  2. A mattress life expectancy has an average of 8 to 10 years, depending on where you bought it and the materials with which it was made of. And yours definitely reached it. So it’s just a wise decision that you bought a new one, especially now that it affects your health. How is it now, btw? I hope it works well. But if not, I hope this Mattress Magic site may help.

    Jeff DuBois

  3. It's definitely important to select the right mattress. I couldn't believe how long I dealt with my old one until I bought a new one. Oddly enough, I have discovered that plant-based mattresses offer pain relief, support, and durability. My plant-based memory foam mattress makes it hard for me to wake up in the morning, though. My wife and I could sleep in it forever.