Friday, 23 May 2014

Wet Hen

A few days ago we had glorious weather.  Tilda was out all day, sitting near the fence so she could be near the Others. She had learnt just how far Poppy could push the netting to attack her, so was sitting just out  of range.

We agreed that would make up the Go, and put it by the fenceline so Tilda could stay out if she wanted. The idea was that if we went out, Tilda could stay outside in the run rather than having to come back into the house.  It also meant that if she wanted to stay out at night, she could.

The next day we got the Go out of tit's winter home, and then found the bits to make up the Go's run.  By the time it was all made up,  it was raining.  We dragged it into place, but decided to wait for a fine day before trying it out. 
Today was a mixed day.  During a particularly sunny patch, I took Tilda out and put her in the Go run.  I opened the side door so she could get out if she wanted.  I left the kitchen door open, too, so that she could come back into the kitchen if she wanted to. 

I hung up a water container, and some yoghurt (well, a container containing yoghurt, obviously)

I left her to it.

I checked on her later, and she was happily sitting in one corner of the run, close to the others. 

A little later, it was raining. I ran outside to check Tilda was OK, and was happy to find her sitting inside the Go.

A little later still it was raining harder. I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a pathetic wet blob sitting by the netting.   She'd come out through the door,  walked past the Pampas which offers plenty of rain shelter, walked all the way round the Go, and stood by the fence. 

I went out and brought her in.  

Wet hen is not a pleasant smell.

As soon as the Others emerged from their Run, I took Tilda out and put her in their Run to have a dustbath.  As we have two broodies, one of whom would, literally, kill Tilda if she could,  I had to peg up the entrances.  I actually deployed reusable cable ties on Poppy's flap, just to make sure.  She can be very determined when she wants to be.

Tilda waited for me to do all of this, then hopped out of the dust bath without bathing.

I couldn't leave her in with the others, so I brought her in again.

I expect she'll get used to it. 

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