Saturday, 31 May 2014


So, much later, I took Lotti out of the pied a terre (p.a.t.).  The blood wasn't seeping through the plaster. 

Should I take it off or leave it on?

In the end I decided to try taking it off.  My thought process was that if it started bleeding again, I'd put another one on.  If, however, I left it on, there was a good chance that Lotti or one of the Others might try and eat it, and I couldn't see that ending well.

Eventually, I got it off.

I then sprayed the claw...and the foot....and the grass with purple spray.. Then I let Lotti have a bit of a run around.

While she did that, I did some pruning.  While I was pruning, the Others escaped. The three of them went on a bit of a garden rampage.  Fortunately for me, they didn't reach DH's vegetables. They found themselves in a very weedy bed and had a whale of a time.

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