Monday, 3 December 2012

Ups and Downs

This morning, Tilda was looking very bright and chirpy. She burbled happily while we bustled about. So, I lifted her out of her temporary cage and put her out on the grass with the others.  She looked well. Well, as well as Tilda looks.

A little while later, I couldn't see her.  I opened the french windows, and hens descended on me from everywhere.  Including Tilda who had been hiding in the Pampas.  Relieved, I went back in (leaving a lot of disappointed and puzzled hens watching me).

It started to rain.  All the Girls moved back into the walk in run.   I could see them from the kitchen: Poppy and lotti were sitting on the arm of the garden chair; Milly, Florence, Roobarb and Custard were scratching around; Tilda was in the far corner behind the bench.

A minute or two later, I couldn't see Tilda.  I used the webcam, and I could see Tilda - but she was obscured by other chooks.  I ran outside, and found her collapsed again.

I brough her in, cuddled her, gave her some Nutridrops.  Eventually the spasm passed and she was able to stand, so she's back in her basket (well, cage. But cage doesn't sound right does it)?

Even though she is now attacking a dish of mixed corn with some gusto, I can't see that she's going to survive.  We'll keep her in for now so that she is comfortable,  and see what happens.  I'm prepared for it, sort of.

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