Saturday, 22 December 2012

Operation Separation continues

Milly (Cream Legbar and very spiteful chicken) and her sidekick, Custard (Sasso, Tilda's full sister and a big bully) continue to enjoy their new quarters, fenced off from the rest of the flock.   I gave them a paddock area,  which I enlarged today so it encompassed a big shrub. it was pouring with rain, I had on my dressing gown and big coat,  and I had to wrestle a holly bush to get the netting through. I have holly-weals all round my calves,  serves me right for not waiting until I had got dressed.

Anyway. They seem OK in there. They are eating , drinking, and are going to bed without any trouble.  Florence and Roobarb stop by th netting to chat every so often;  the two Littlees and Tilda steer clear.

Tilda is exploring more of the garden now, presumably she is aware that she is safe from the two bullies.  She's still coming in to the kitchen on a B& B basis, and she came in for a quick snack when I had a mass break out yesterday.   I had decided to carry on like this for a few days,   so that the two Littlees can get comfortable going up to bed in the Big Girls Cube. The plan was to wait until they went up to bed withot any messing around,  and then I'd start introducing Tilda back into the Cube.   

That was the plan.  

I may have to rethink my strategy.  I discovered this morning that  Tilda is clearly eating properly now..... my goodness, my nose told me this as soon as I walked into the kitchen. 

The Littlees are still too timid to march into the BG Cube at night, despite there only being Florence (Australorp) in there.  Roobarb (Welsh Black, and very kind) pretends to be busy elsewhre in the Run so that they can get in, but they just can't seem to do it without a lot of dithering.  I'm hoping things improve.  I'm hoping things improve quickly.

I have no plans to reintroduce the two bullies in the short term.  I will have to do it at some point, but not yet.
Oh, I noticed that Lotti's comb has started to fold over.  She looks like a proper Leghorn now.   She was still escaping regularly, by just flying over the netting.  Yesterday I rearranged things so that the taller (non electrifiable) netting was across the small area of grass we used to call a lawn. I don't think she can fly over that.   I do hop it works, otherwise I'll have to clip her wing.  And if I clip her wing, she won't be able to fly up on to my arm - and I would miss that.

Fun and games.


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