Monday, 3 December 2012


This evening, the Littlees were hanging around in  Big Girls run.  I watched them on the camera. They nonchalantly lounged around at the bottom of the ladder.  None of the BGs had gone to bed. In fact, they were all in the main run.

Roobarb started her evening ablutions.  The two Litlees had a whispered conversation, the head movements of which seemed to suggest that they were daring each other to run up the ladder.   Could this be it?  Maybe tonight they would take themselves in.

They chickened out.

They continued to scratch around at the bottom of the ladder.  They changed from noncholant to very-cholant when Millie appeared at the entrance to the run. She watched them.  They edged away to the back.

Suddenly the run was full of Big Girls,  and the Littlees panicked and fled to the main run. 

It got darker.

Millie went to bed, closely followed by Custard.  The Littlees hung around in the main run, pretending to be interested in the floor, and not at all interested in the Big Girls coop.  Florence stood guard at the bottom of the ladder, and then went up.

And then it was too dark for me to see what happened next.

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