Monday, 10 December 2012

And in other news...

Poppy (Welsh Black x Australorp) and Lotti (Exchequer Leghorn) continue to go to bed in their Cube; and every evening, as soon as it gets properly dark, I hoik them out and put them in with the Big Girls.

Lotti is changing from a pullet into a hen. Her wattles are big, and her comb is quite big too. Very big by most hen standards, but not yet fully big by Leghorn standards.  She has rounded out, and doesn't look like a little girl anymore.  She still acts like it though,  my little cutie pie. She is also incredibly noisy.  I imagine she'll calm down a bit when she comes into lay.

Poppy continues to grow and now looks very much like Florence (Australorp). She's still a wee bit smaller,  but we can only tell that when they are side by side.  A quick glance and I sometimes can't tell them apart, so I have to check the face furniture. Poppy still doesn't have any wattles or comb.  She still manages to fly u on to my arm, if I lower it a bit.

Someone - Florence or perhaps even Poppy - has come back into lay and is laying lovely smooth brown eggs in the Littlees Cube (LGC).  We haven't seen any test eggs, so I find it hard to believe they are Poppy's eggs.   But I can't see why Florence would have taken it into her head to go and lay in the LGC. Time will tell.

Florence has finished her moult and is sporting a gorgeous set of feathers.  
Milly (Cream Legbar) is almost finished,  just her spiky head to be refeathered.
Custard  (Sasso,  Tilda's bully of a sister) is only about half way through.

Tilda spent yesterday in the garden with her sisters.  At shutting-up time, she stayed in the fruit bed while I put everyone else away.  When I called her, she came waddling over.  I picked her up and carried her back to the house, then stood her down near the kitchen.  She had no hesitation in jumping up the step into the kitchen and putting herself into her temporary pen.

This morning, she refused to go out when I stood her by the back door, but was feeling bouncy enough to go for a march around the kitchen.  I put her in with her sisters, and she's been there all day.  I'll bring her in tonight, and repeat tomorrow.  At some point, I'll bite the bullet and put her back in the Big Girls Cube (BGC) with her sisters, probably at the same time as I transplant the Littlees. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

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