Thursday, 13 December 2012

Too COld

The cold snap has put a bit of a spanner in the Tilda rehabilition plans.

She was out with her chums all day yesterday, although she spent the entire day under the rosemary bush.  The others spent most of the day under the same bush (it is a rather large shrub), but they ventured out for a nibble of grass here,  a drink there (I put some water down near to where they ere sheltering),  or a perambulation back to the run for a little smackerel; Tilda didn't do much.

I gave them a small aount of porridge during the day, making sure that the bowls were in one part of the garden, away from the rosemary, so Tilda could have some to herself.  A bit or food later.  And so on.

At going-in time, the Girls ran excitedly to their Run. Tilda didn't. She also didn't come in when I called.   I picked her up and lifted her over the fence, then shepherded her to the back door. She hopped up, and went into her personal pen.

It was too cold last night to risk putting her out with the others.

This morning it was even colder.  I fed Tilda, opened her pen door and she waddled out. I shepherded her to the back door, she jumped down, and then I lifted her and put her in with hher sisters.   I gave then porridge at 9am.      At 9,30 Tilda walked part way to the run, then stopped.  

I was bringing in a log delivery at the time. It took me wuite a while to barrow the logs round to the log store, and Tilda didn't move. IN the end, I went into their enclosure and shepherded her into the Run.  She had something to eat, and tgen settled down.

I don't want her in the house today, it'll be too warm for her.  Looks like she's going to be with us on a B&B basis for a few more days.

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