Friday, 7 December 2012

House hen

Today we had a bit of rain so, unlike the past couple of days, it wasn't bitterly cold outside.Tilda had been out a couple of times yesterday, with encouragement from me.  She seemed OK, but not particularly happy outside, so I didn't force it.

When I got down to the kitchen this morning, Tilda burbled a greeting from the comfort of her nest.   I opened the back door and the garden girls came running over.  Tilda sat with her back to the door, ignoring the excited bokking from the grass.  I decided she really should go out.

I lifted her out o fher pen and stood her by the door, beak outside.  She stood there. I noticed that she had rather pooey feet, so I tried to clean them off. It wasn't easy (retch, retch),  and in desperation I stood her outside.  My thinking was that if she just walked up and down on the wet patio, her feet would be cleaned.

I flushed away the tissue I'd used, and washed &dried my hands;  by the time I got back in the kitchen, Tilda was back in the kitchen as well.

At least she has clean feet.

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