Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Her earlier surge seemed to tire her out, and tilda had spent the next half hour standing in one place, right in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I herded her to the french windows, and we stood looking out (again), but she didn't make the jump out.  Her sisters came to see what was happening (well, in truth they came to see if I had anything edible to offer them).  Still no movement from Tilda.

On the spur o fthe moment, I lifted her up and placed her outside.  She waddled around, had a drink, and waddled over to one of the beds and stood in the bed.

I checked her every two minutes for the next 10 minutes, and she didn't move much. 

What to do?

My biggest fear that she would have another stroke as a result of being outside in the cold. So, I picked her up again, and put her back inside by the french windows.  She stood watching outside, but made no move to go out.

I was working, so I lept popping back every few minutes to see how she was doing. still there.

And then she wasn't.  She had gone outside and was eating my Thyme plant.

I've left the french windows open so she can come back in, and I'm checking on her every few minutes.

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