Monday, 17 December 2012

Goodbye boys

It's time to reduce the numbers. 
The Boys on the allotment have, naturally, started to fight a bit.  We're been really lucky this year,  23 weeks of happy chooks before there was a "problem".   It's not really a serious problem, but it will be soon and we'd rather take action now than wait and wish we hadn't waited.

On Saturday we identified the 4 boys that are going. 

In some respects, it was easier than in previous years,  as we have a large number of Boys and we have already identified several possible keepers.  For the rest, it's just a matter of time,  so in some respects it made the choice easier.

And the Boys that are going have had a fabulous (and, relatively, long) life.  I know that. I repeat it like a mantra.  

It's still hard. 

Which, I suppose, is a good thing really.

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  1. It is hard to choose them though, isn't it... but I am sure you have made the correct choice from your careful observations!