Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Up and about?

Tilda was still with us this morning.  

She had spent all of yesterday sitting in the pen, even though we had the door open so she could explore the kitchen.  We had kitchen towel and disinfectant to hand, just in case she did.

She ate a bit, drank a bit, but wasn't interested in coming out.

This morning, she was still with us, burbling as we talked to her.  I opened the pen door, but she resolutely refused to come out.

I opened the french windows,  her sisters came to the fenceline and bokked. She ignored them.  I left the french windows open.

A little later, the window clearner came to do the windows.  He stopped at the door to chat,  and suddenly Tilda shot out of her pen and waddled furiously into the middle of the kitchen.  She then followed DH around the kitchen for a few minutes.

After the window cleaner had gone, she switched from following DH to following me.  I led her to the french windows.  She pushed past me, and stood on the threshold, watching. She looked like she was sniffing the air.   We stood there for a few moments (with me chattering away to her "would you like to go out?  You can come back in again if you change your mind? Why don't you go and try some grass?") and then she made up her mind.

She turned her back to the outside world and marched back into her pen.

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