Monday, 24 December 2012

Festive fare

So the Christmas cake and puddings made for friends have been delivered or collected. I didn't take photos this year, I'm kicking myself.

I've been busy in the kitchen all morning,  getting ready for tomorrow.  The kitchen smells lovely. 

The goose is unwrapped and under a protective net cloche, finishing off its defrosting. It's been out of the freezer but in the fridge ofor 24 hours,  and it needs a bit more defrosting, then 15 hours out of the fridge before stuffing.  

I've made the pear, cranberry and pecan stuffing for the goose. It's in the fridge. NOTE TO SELF: TAKE STUFFING OUT OF FRIDGE BEFORE BEDTIME.  .   I managed to find my onion goggles eventually, after I'd peeled two onions for the stuffing and couldn't see what I was doing for the tears.

The goose stock gravy is bubbling away gently on the hob. 

I've got a huuuuge vat of  red cabbage in the oven:   We only have a small amount over Christmas, I  freeze most of it  in small portions to use over the coming months.

DH and I braved the rain to go and harvest our sad brussels sprouts crop. The crop was very poor, the sprouts  - those that the pigeons had rejected - were like marble, sand we weren't going to bother.  I decided I'd just order sprouts in my Ocado delivery. 

I had a rare misunderstanding with my Ocado delivery.

One of the offers was 3 packs of prepared vegetables for £2.50.  I rarely buy prepped vegetables, but this seemed a good idea.  I picked a bag of spinach,  a bag of sprouts, and a bag of tenderstem broccoli.   The delivery arrived and I started to unpack. I found a bag of sprouts, I did a double take....I searched through the bags.....and when I found the broccoli, I realised what had happened.

They were one-serving sized bags.

Never mind.  We have lots of different vegetables, and only need a taste of each one really.  And DH won't eat them anyway.  And I won't make that mistake again.

The kitchen looks like the proverbial bomb has hit it.  It's the one time of year when using the Magimix is definitely quicker, and I seem to have used four of the discs, two of the 3 bowls, and one blade.  Actually,  I might make the swede and carrot mash now.  It's another thing which reheats really well, and I can use the already-dirty disc to do the cutting.
Then I'll clear up  and then make some of Nigella's cranberry mincemeat.  I just fancy a glass of chilled Alvada and a mince pie.

As usual I bought a pack of mince pies to supplement the home made ones.   I like to make some, but I find that some of the shops make very good ones.   I especially like M&S puff pastry ones, and I liked Heston's Waitrose ones last year.   This year I bought Heston's Waitrose ones, but I don't like them very much. I had to eat 2 to make sure,  and I'm sure.   

I expect my DB1 (Darling Brother, eldest) will be happy to finish them off.

Well, back to the chopping board.

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