Saturday, 8 December 2012


Absolutely gorgeous day outside today.  It's very, very cold, but the sky is very blue and the sun is very shiney.   After a couple of attempts, I finally managed to get Tilda to go outside.

She sat in the herb bed, preening.  Her sisters sat in the herb bed, on the other side of the netting, preening.  Everyone looked happy.

After about 20 minutes, I opened the back door and called Tilda. She looked at me, but didn't budge. I left the back door open.

Later, we had a bit of excitement where Poppy and Lotti had managed to dfind a gap in the netting and were running around freely. Tilda waddled over to investigate. Then she waddled back.

Later still, I lifted Tilda over the netting so that she was with her sisters.  Poppy (yes, Poppy, our youngster) pecked her on the head and ran off; Tilda waddled after her, I presume with the intention of retaliating, but gave up.  I picked her up and put her back on the house side of the netting.

A couple of times she has looked like she has dozed off.  Uncertain whether it was a contented doze or an unwell doze, I've called her each time.   Each time she woke up and started preening. 

I've called her from the back door numerous times. She hasn't attempted to come back in.

I don't want her to overdo it, so I'll bring her back in myself in a while.

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