Sunday, 4 December 2011

Thanks Alexis

I was catching up with Alexis' blog a few days ago, and her post about issuing herself a challenge really chimed with me.  I've been thinking for ages that I should try and go for a walk everyday..but I don't particularly enjoy walking for the sake of walking,   and I know that I wouldn't keep it up in bad weather.

I thought about setting myself an achievable target. Maybe, walk everyday for a week (I appreciate this probably sounds pathetic to those of you who enjoy walking, or walk anyway).

Then as I read on, I saw the fateful words "on my treadmill".  Now, I've never seen the point of treadmills. Too big, too bulky, and likely to just be a dust catcher.  We don't have anywhere sensible to put a treadmill - at least, no where where it would also actually get used.  

But I kept thinking about it.   I looked on Ebay. Lots of treadmills there (mostly hardly used, I chuckled when I read that), and much less than buying one new.  I spotted one quite local to me.  I decided I'd bid on it. If I won it,  I'd put it in my living room for a couple of weeks and use it every day.  Then I'd move it into the spare bedroom, and see if I continued to use it.  I would set myself an easily achievable target. Maybe, x minutes walking each day, and see how much I covered, rather than aiming to do a specific distance.  

And if I failed, I could sell it on Ebay without losing much money.

I raided my Quidco pot,  and my birthday money pot, and made my bid.

And I won it.

I haven't told DH yet.  I'm going to have to tell him because I need to use his car to collect it. (And, of course, he might notice it in the living room anyway).


  1. Hurray for you! Hope you enjoy your new toy and have a lot of fun. Sounds like fun!

  2. Oooo, get you! Will he really notice it?

    'this old thing'..... LOL