Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

We don't exchange pressies at Christmas, haven't done for years, and it makes Christmas so much more pleasurable. We spend extra on birthday presents instead.  It started a long time ago when a friend of ours was economising and we areed not to buy for each other;  we spread this to agreeing the same with my family;  and then the (adult) children.    Everyone else continues with the mayhem of spending money on gifts they desperately hope the recipient will love - it's just us that have opted out completely (we don't even buy pressies for each other).

Every year for the past 25 years, my lovely friend S and I have taken a day to go Christmas shopping, getting it all done in one hit.   Even after I stopped buying pressies, we've continued with our day shopping. S still buys pressies, it's a pleasant day out together, and  I find it interesting watching people's behaviour without having the stress of trying to find gifts myself.

We have grandchildren that we see a lot, and some we don't see very often. Since we've had grandchildren of an age to know what Christmas is, I started to feel a bit mean not buying them something to unwrap (and - frankly -  I felt that other people felt I was mean), so a couple of years ago I tried to buy a small token pressie for each grandchild.   I find it quite difficult to find token inexpensive presents that don't seem mean they all have so much already). I also struggle to get a fair balance between all of them. 

I might get them some chocolate this year.  As if they need more chocolate?!

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