Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stolen Lurcher - THORNEY HILL AREA NEAR BURLEY BH25 postcode

Do you have any friends who live near the New Forest/in the South west?  If so, please ask them to keep an eye out for a stolen lurcher.

I've had this email from my friend Clare:

A friend who lives near the New Forest has had her lurcher stolen while walking there. It was seen being led off into a van by two men; as you can imagine, she is beside herself with worry.

Stolen from Burley, New Forest Hampshire. Near Burbush Car Park (Burley to Bransgore road) HE HAS BEEN STOLEN - WAS SEEN BEEN TAKEN BY TWO MEN IN A VAN HEADING TOWARDS THE THORNEY HILL AREA NEAR BURLEY

His name is Ozzie, he's tattooed and microchipped.

If you have any friends who live in the south west region, please pass this information on if you can.

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