Thursday, 15 December 2011


We bought our tree yesterday (14th), which is very early for us.  I wanted a Fraser Fir - they are very compact trees, not wide like the more popular Nordmanns - and in previous years we have trouble finding one because we leave it so late.

Well, it's up, it's decorated.  I also decorated the wreath for the front door,  and  enhanced a pre-bought Gisela Graham chicken related wreath for one of the inside doors.  D used the spare foliage from the tree to make a plain wreath for the Girls.

Spurred on with the Christmas theme, I made mincemeat today - Cranberry (Nigella's recipe, instead of my usual Delia mincemeat). It looks very pretty, but there isn't a uhge amount of it.  

DH started a brie, hopefully it'll be edible by Christmas,  and then made ricotta with the whey.

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