Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve, Good Afternoon

So, the potatoes are roasted in the goose fat and are sitting in the tray to cool down.  When cool, I'll strain off the goose fat and leave the potatoes in the tray until tomorrow; then  they'll be popped in the oven (with no additional fat)  for 20 mins to reheat while the goose is resting.     I did question how this really saved time - they only take 3omins to cook anyway - and we worked out that it means we don't have to peel potatoes and par boil, and then get the fat up to temperature etc, all while trying to do lots of other things.

The red cabbage smells delicious.  I made a huge quantity,  and when it's done and cold I'll be portioning it up and freezing it for use in the coming weeks.  I'll leave enough for tomorrow (which I'll reheat in a small saucepan) and to provide cold accompaniment to cold meats.

The goose stock/gravy is bubbling away.  DH is following Nigella's recipe for a "light" gravy, my choice of recipe so I hope it's OK.

The root veg are cut up and sitting in a bag in the fridge, marinading in oliveoil, garlic, salt and herbs. 

I've still got carrot and swede to do,   and the stuffing to make. 

The girls have been enjoying left over bits of red cabbage (so we'll have blue poo tomorrow),   the cores of the cooking apples,  the seedy bits of the  butternut squashes,  and some grapes.  I was making room in the fridge and decided to have some for me now and some for the girls now too.

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