Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The Treadmill has been occupying a large part of the sitting room since Sunday.

I decided I'd start with 5 minute sessions only,  and work on building up gradient and speed.  This has worked really well.  I had 2 goes on Sunday, although the first one was at strolling pace and with no gradient, so I'm not sure it counts really.

On Monday morning, I got up first to make tea/hot lemon. While the tea was brewing, I did 5 minutes. I was on gradient 3 (out of 9, and I suspect that it is a "gentle incline"),  and I was up yo 5.8 KPH, which is about 3.6 miles an hour.   

We went out for the day (more later) and when we got back, I did another 5 minutes at 5.8KPH.

This morning, I moved up to 6KPH (3.75mph), still on gradient 3. I don't think I could sustain that, epecially when I've just got up and am still in my jimjams, for much longer.

So, .I'm going to carry on at 6kph for 5 minutes - which means I'm doing just under a 3rd of a mile eachtime - and then I might look at increasing the time slightly.

Not earth shattering, I know. But consistent.

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