Sunday, 11 December 2011

Cheeky boy

Our cats have a perfectly functional cat flap, with it's own porch,  to permit them free access to the outside world.    They also have a specially designed gap in the trellis by the gate which lets them pass from the front to the back gardens without having to jump or climb over anything.

Many months ago, our ginger ninja pawed at the french window in the kitchen indicating that he wanted to go out.   How could we resist such a cute thing?  We let him out.   Over the months, both cats got in the habit of  pawing at the french window when they want to go out. Or when they want to come in, for that matter.    And we got into the habit of opening the door for them. 

I can see their point.  Why should they go out the cat flap and walk round, when they can see where they want to be?   But I'm amazed at how easy we were to train.   Now, we automatically go and open the door - stopping whatever we happen to be doing at the time - to let the cat out. or in.  Or both in quick succession.    Often it involves us getting up and unlocking the french window, opening the door, letting the cat pass through, then shutting the door, relocking it, and putting the key away.

DH and I laugh at how silly this is. How ridiculous that we've allowed ourselves to be trained this way. But still we do it.  We've idly thought about installing a bell to see if we can get the cats to use it.

Today, Washburn took this to a new level of cheekiness.  He pawed at the door. I got up, got the key, unlocked the door, opened it for him... he sniffed the air... and walked away, back into the warmth of the kitchen.

Far too cold outside.

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  1. They'll use the bell! I've trained dogs on the bell and it just seems to happen naturally. I like the bell also because when I'm not within a visual of the door I can hear the bell.